"Discover nature goodness to the wholesome luxury"

Global Hosieries competes with ample experience, subsequent from its existence and has been accepted as a proficient brand across frontiers. Adhering to the latest technology, competitive finish and style for high streets with vertically integrated manufacturing makes us efficacious.

Deep rooted to the deliverance of perfection and embracing the core values keeps us novel and successful. Being known as a renowned brand for assurance, excellence, affordability, technique and service, our clients cherish us and we mean to associate each day and every day.

Right from the start the promise for quality has been the core value for the management.

Persistence and consistency has enabled clients from various frontiers and our responsibility to deliver the best possible accelerates our perennial growth.

Standpoint of our success describes the annual turnover of >5 Million USD per year.

The perspective of growth is the consistency of quality which was been able to deliver with the vertically integrated manufacturing.

Our product range caters to the four segments of Infants, Children, Women and Men. Nourished with the close checking and testing, our products mean a global tag. Devoted to take pride to be certified for the Infrastructure and Quality policy.


"Ethics, values and commitments"

Highly principled and known as a most trusted concern relatively sustained with ethics, values and commitments. Integrates the trusts and honors of the loyal customers which keeps us committed to the expected deliveries.

Believing to outstand in the trust and winning over the loyalty of the clients. Our passionate work force are high in passion and vision of the work which gets them deliver to the best beyond expectations.


"Enhanced quality & service persistent forever"

Stands close to the global protection by following the best practiced manufacturing of apparels. Each move gets keen to reach the pinnacle of the industry. Our stand on quality will stay focused on the quality in products, quality in work, quality in customer service with enhanced customer satisfaction and our quality in human relationships.

Mention to note a global presence to serve at all verticals and all levels with competitive quality, cost and duration. Meeting the expected standards of the employees with enhanced bond that lasts longer and forever. Expanding the horizons with the highly satisfied customers and still hold on to the each of the clients with the blend of business and relationship.